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Sep 2022

Something to Vote For with Catherine McKenney

The Bitches are joined by Ottawa mayoral candidate Catherine McKenney to discuss their road to elected office and their vision for Ottawa.

Remember to go vote on October 24, Ottawa.

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Aug 2022

Internet Culture is Pop Culture with Taylor Lorenz *SUBSCRIBER PREVIEW*

The Bitches are joined by Washington Post technology columnist, Taylor Lorenz, to discuss internet culture and the media.

Aug 2022

Who is Angela Simmonds?

Erica talks to the first Black woman to run for the leadership of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party, Angela Simmonds, who represents Preston. She was elected Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly in 2021, making her the first African Nova Scotian speaker in the province's history.

Angela’s Summer Law Project, Land Titles Initiative: "This Land is Our Land: African Nova Scotian Voices from the Preston Area Speak Up"

North Preston Land Titles group

Angela's campaign vid

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Jul 2022

Brown and Boris Bow Out

Kristin Raworth is back to talk to us about Patrick Brown's ignominious exit from the Conservative Party leadership race and Boris Johnson's resignation. 

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Jul 2022

MOTW: Rogers

Kristin Raworth returns to discuss why Rogers is this week's Misogynist of the Week

The Digital Divide Has Become a Chasm: Here’s How We Bridge the Gap

Erica was on Ryan Jespersen’s show talking about why people are angry, inflation/affordability and Bill C-27: Spotify and Apple Podcasts (starts at 14.20)

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Jun 2022

Dispatches from the Olympics of Tech

Erin is joined by Kate Wilson, managing editor of the Vancouver Tech Journal, to check-in on Collision Conference, the Olympics of Tech.

  • More than 340 women-led startups were featured

  • 39% of speakers were women, up 9% from 2019

  • Over 44% over attendees were women

  • 2022 featured the Indigenous Atendee Program for the first time

Jun 2022

Episode 131: An Apology Without Change is Manipulation *SUBSCRIBER PREVIEW*

This week the Bitches discuss the new report from the Toronto Police Service on systemic racism and @LibsofTikTok.

Jun 2022

What Happened to Conservatism?

Erica continues her talk with Conservative commentator and sexual violence survivors’ advocate, Kristin Raworth about where Conservatism stands and how it got there.

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Jun 2022

The Ignominious Downfall of Jason Kenney *SUBSCRIBER PREVIEW*

Erica talks to Conservative commentator and sexual violence survivors’ advocate, Kristin Raworth, to take us through the backstory of what really brought down Jason Kenney, and provides sharp comparisons with Doug Ford. 

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Jun 2022

Son of Elsewhere with Elamin Abdelmahmoud *SUBSCRIBER PREVIEW*

The Bitches are joined by culture writer and podcaster Elamin Abdelmahmoud to discuss his new book, Son of Elsewhere.

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